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Sabtu, 16 Juli 2011

Hack Yahoo, Hotmail, Myspace, MSN Account Passwords

Hello Friends here is One More tutorial about hacking Facebook , Hotmail ,Yahoo ,Gmail ,Twitter ,orkut ,myspace and msn accounts with easy as 1 2 3 . In my previous article, I mentioned about  Armadax Key logger for Hacking Hotmail, Yahoo, Myspace and Msn account passwords.
Today i am Introducing a very effective key logger namely Vicspy key logger - the key logger that I found extremely Good and user-friendly for hacking hotmail, yahoo account passwords. I have provided link for software download and password ... So Enjoy and Let's Begin the Tutorial
Hacking Facebook,hotmail,Yahoo,Gmail,Twitter,orkut,myspace and msn Passwords

1. Download Vicspy keylogger for hacking Hotmail, Yahoo, msn ,myspace ,Face book And Gmail account passwords.

2. Extract the Rar to obtain Vicspy keylogger.

3. Simply run peditor.exe to get key logger interface and create a key logger for hacking hotmail, yahoo and msn account password. No need to install software on computer.

4. Now, in Servers , fill in the FTP server which you wanna use to receive logs from keylogger.

Fill in ftp server as:

# user: your username at ftp server.
# pass: your password.
# logs: create a new folder named "logs" at your ftp server. You will receive hotmail, yahoo and msn hacked passwords in this folder.
# : your ftp server address. (eg: for drivehq ftp server)

After you have completed filling ftp server, hit on "Check" just adjacent to it to check whether you have entered ftp server correctly and whether server is available.

In Control, check "Melt" to make key logger evaporate after installation on victim computer.

6. Additional Options included in Vicspy key logger are that you can
- Change keylogger file icon
- Bind key logger with another file to make it undetectable by victim.

7. Now, simply choose the path where you want key logger to be saved and hit on "Create" to create key logger file at preferred destination.

8. Now, send this file to your victim and make him to install this binded keylogged file on his computer (Social engineering). You can crypt this keylogger file and then use Fake error message generator to make our key logger undetectable by antivirus.

Once the victim installs key logger on his computer, you will start receiving all typed passwords on his computer in your FTP server account (in logs folder). Thus, our target of hacking hotmail, yahoo, msn account password accomplished.

That's ALL About Vicspy Key logger for hacking Facebook,hotmail,Yahoo,Gmail,Twitter,orkut,myspace and msn account passwords. Vicspy keylogger can also be used for hacking other email account passwords

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